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We are an online platform connecting shoppers and sellers of maternity and kid clothing, books, toys and essentials.

Join MAMASWAP today and enjoy a shopping experience you can’t find anywhere else in the country while practicing responsible consumption behaviour.

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A Toddler and a Baby


Selling and Shopping Step by Step

easy as a pie, done in seconds and the best- it‘s free!

Here's how it's done:


How to Sell

Press the Sell Now button in the menu header.

Pick a title, write a short description, add your item price and upload a few photos.

You can add your WeChat ID to your listing as a possible payment option for the buyer.

Agree on a shipping and payment method together.

Ship the item with the agreed method or have it picked up.

Provide the tracking number to the buyer.

How to Shop

Press the Sell & Shop button in the menu header.

Find the item you are looking for by scrolling through the listings or simply by using the search option.

Contact the seller.

Agree on a shipping and payment method together.

Track your package with the tracking number provided by the seller.

Enjoy your newly purchased item!


Here at MAMASWAP, we believe that our little ones deserve the best. That’s why our community is so important to us. Trustful and kind, families sharing with one another.
What comes around goes around.


Shopping for your baby should not be hard nor pricey and for sure not harmful to the environment. By sharing your babies' items among each other you lengthen their life time by 10 years.


Give your babies' items a second life by selling to someone who needs them. And while making a buyer happy, you make a little money for yourself.

MAMASWAP does not ask for fees nor a commission. 



Our Story

The idea for MAMASWAP was born, when my husband and I first considered starting a family and we soon began to wonder, how we were supposed to find books for our future babies in our native language.

Where I would normally stroll down to a library full of options, in Shanghai, I realized, I would need to rely on occasional book swap events, messy group chats or buying from abroad.

But, how big is the selection and how big of an effort the hunt for finding books I actually liked?

And even more so, where could I, easily and hassle-free, find all those baby essentials, clothes and toys which would only be used for a short amount of time- do I really want to buy everything brand-new? 

As a mommy-to-be and a minimalist, striving to live a sustainable lifestyle, I was desperately looking for ways and platforms that could meet my needs. It turned out, the options were limited and far from practical to use.


This is when I decided to take matters into my own hands and created MAMASWAP- one place, to buy and sell all those second-hand items for pregnant moms, their babies and kids. The hassle-free option, tailored to busy parents.

MAMASWAP is a platform created to aim at changing the way we see shopping for our kids. I believe, it starts with a powerful, yet trustful community of moms and families who are empowered to shift their habits.

In this spirit- happy swapping, dear mamas!

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